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5 Tips On Choosing A Gaming PC


Buying a gaming PC is very tricky because you have to extremely careful when getting one or else you choose a wrong one and end up regretting it.Also the best gaming PC are usually cost and hard to find.So making awise choice is very essential.Now here are some of the tips on choosing a gaming PC.

1.Check The Processor

The processor is what processes the game data when playing a game.Well you can choose a Intel processor since they are better than AMD.But AMD is cheaper which means if you choosing the processor,try the ones of I5,17,R5 or R7.
2.Check The Graphic Card

If you choose a PC that has a bad graphic card ,your PC will not be able to run games.Even though they run games,they will be choppy and slow.Try buying one that has an AMD Radeon Graphic Card because they are not too expensive and are really good.
3.Check The Hard Drive and Hard Disk Space

Beware there are lot of PC that don’t have lot of hard disk space in them.Well when choosing a gaming PC you must consider the hard drive and the hard disk because games requires a lot of space on your hard drive.Also if you can’t find one,you could buy a external hard drives.
4.Check The Warranty and Guarantee

Be sure that your PC has at least 2 or 3 years of guarantee which can be able to make your PC have a longer life.You could decide to go for Dell PCs because they offer 3 years of guarantee.
 5.Check The RAM

Gettiing a RAM determines the performance of your PC especially when playing games.A gaming PC needs to have at  least 8GB RAM.If the PC doesn’t have it,don’t choose it.You will have to get one with 8GB RAM or higher to get the best performance on your PC when playing game.This will really aid you a lot.
Well that’s all for choosing a gaming PC.If you want more tips like this subscribe to this blog.

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