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Gta San Andreas Cheats Book For Pc.

Gta San Andreas Cheats Book For Pc.


Speeditup=====Faster Gameplay.
Slowitdown=====Slower Gameplay.
Ajlojyqy======Peds Attack Eachother.
Bagowpg=====Have A Bounty On Your Head.
Foouxft=====Everyone Is Armed.
Bluesuedeshoes======Elvish Is Everywhere.
Bgluawml=======Peds Attack You With Weapons,Rocket Launcher.
Lifeisabeach=Beach Party.
Onlyhomiesallowed=Gang Members Everywhere.
Bifbuzz======Gangs Control The Streets.
Ninjatown======Ninja Theam.
Bekknqv======Slut Magnet.
Cjphonehome======Huge Bunny Hop.
Kangaroo======Mega Jump.
Stateofemergency======Riot Mode.
Crazytown======Funhouse Theam.
Sjmahpe======Recruit Anyone.(9mm)
Rocketmayhem======Recruit Anyone(Rockets)
Cars and Traffic Cheats
Cpktnwt======Blow Up All Cars.
Wheelsonlyplease======Invisible Car.
Sticklikeglue======Perfect Handing.
Zeiivg======All Green Light.
Ylteicz======Aggressive Drivers.
Llqpfbn======Pink Cars.
Iowdlac======Black Cars.
Flyingfish======Boat Fly.
Everyoneispoor=Traffic Is Cheap Car.
Everyoneisrich======Traffic Is Fast Cars.
Chittychittybangbang======Cars Fly.
Jcnruad======Smashing Boom.
Speedfreak======All Cars Have Nitro.
Bubblecars======Cars Float Away When Hit.
Outqdmw======Free Aim While Driving.
Ghosttown======Reduced Traffic.
Fvtmnbz======Traffic Is Country Vehicles.
Bmtpwhr======Country Vehicles And Peds,Get Born 2 Truck Outfit.
Spawning Cars and Vehicles 
Aiwprton======Spawn Rhino.
Oldspeeddemon======Spawn Blodring Banzer.
Jqntdmh======Spawn Racecar.
Vrockpokey======Spawn Racecar.
Wheresthefunerl======Spawn Stretch.
Truegrime======Spawn Trashmester.
Rzhsuew======Spawn Caddy.
Jumpjet======Spawn Hydra.
Kgggdkp======Spawn Vortex Hovercraft.
Aiypwzqp======Have A Parachute.
Rocketman======Have Jetpack.
Ohdude======Spawn Hunter.
Fourwheelfun=Spawn Quad.
Amomhrer======Spawn Truck.
Itsallbull======Spawn Dozer.
Flyingtostunt======Spawn Stunt Plane.
Monstermash======Spawn Monster.

Lxgiwyl======Weapon Set 1 Thug's Tools.
Professionalskit======Weapon Set 2 Professional Tools.
Uzumymw======Weapon Set3 Nuttertools.
Hesoyam======Health,Armor + $250k.
Baguvix======Semi-Infinite Health.
Cvwkxam======Infinite Oxygen.
Anoseonglass=Adrenaline Mode.
Fullclip=Infinite Ammo,No Reloading
Turnuptheheat======Increasing Wanted Level Two Stars.
Clear Wanted Level.
Buffmeup======Max Health.
Aezakmi======Never Wanted.
Brington======Six Star Wanted Level.
Worshipme======Max Respect.
Helloladies======Max Sex Appeal.
Vkypqcf======Max Stamina.

Professionalkiller======Hitman In All Weapon Status.
Naturaltalent======Max All Vehicle Skill Status.
Comment If You Have A Problem With Some Of This Cheats That I Have Written Above And Also If You Want More Cheats For Other Gaming Console.

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